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New Ethical Fashion Brands

Adeysapphire Design Ltd, Creative Scruples, Fashion, Press, Products, Textiles Art, Up-cycling

The ethical collection by Adeysapphire Design Limited who owns online shop is coming along great! We cannot start showing images of the pieces yet! But here’s a tip. It’s got prints by the designer, Adey Thani in…

‘Love therapy’ – An introspective collection

Creative Scruples, Events, Fashion

During London Fashion Week, Adey Thani showed off an introspective collection of his classy, contemporary, affordable ethical fashion range in ready-to-wear at Abbey Manor, North West London. The collection which was titled Love therapy was featured at the event bollywood fashionista…

Introducing natural dyes in modern fashion

Adeysapphire Design Ltd, Art, Creative Practice, Creative Scruples, Fashion, Textiles Art

What’s on the high street Our high street is replete with lots and lots of beautiful clothes and accessories. From the low end to the high end of the street, bargains, new looks, fabulous colours, amazing textures, exotic…

Something three dimensional

Creative Practice, Creative Scruples

As part of my Creative Practice, I have researched different things that have a profound effect on me without knowing what they mean and looked into why they affect me in that way. most of the things that…

Something three dimensional II

Creative Practice, Creative Scruples

I have gone on to make molds from the acorns and conkers of my “images from around Woolwich” research, with the use of silicon rubber. I am not yet sure what I want to make with them, but…

An interview with Eco designers / craftsmen

Art, Creative Scruples

The purpose of my trip to Brazil was to research on how Brazilians embrace the new eco-consciousness of sustainability and what eco products the designers are creating as well as what the problems are if any at all.…

Something three dimensional III

Art, Creative Practice, Creative Scruples

As a follow up to my previous post in ‘Something 3dimensional II’ I have finally succeeded in making the positives from the ‘waste moulds’ of my bust and head with a view of creating a silicone rubber mould…

Waste & Recycling

Creative Practice, Creative Scruples

Hi Everybody, Has anyone thought about how much waste we create through our consumption habits? Newspapers littering the trains and streets, empty drink cans laying about the place, etc. These items can all be up-cycled and put into…

Research – Room Partitioning

Creative Practice, Creative Scruples

This is a reel of train ticket stock. In the centre is the compressed cardboard spool. They are usually thrown away. Most train stations get through hundreds of these in a week. I never knew what to do…

Creative Practice Research/Professional Practice

Creative Practice, Creative Scruples

  I have been doing some soul searching about why I seem to be so interested in quantum physics and the most ostensible reason that I can deduce is that it relates to something my Dad used to…