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Adeysapphire was created by Adey Thani, established in 2012 with an ethical ethos. The suffix, ‘sapphire’ is a symbolic word that resonates with the designer to reflect his stoicism in the face of adversity. Sapphire is a precious gem stone that is known for it’s tough and resilient properties as well as its very striking lustre, only coming second to diamonds in this category of gemstones.

Background Story

A background in textile design from the University of East London, led to the research and the creation of ethical products using all kinds of materials with a view of creating sustainable textiles from reclaimed materials. One of such textiles created is leather from chicken skin and further research is underway to find and create new materials that can be used in fashion.


Staying true to this ethical ethos, the designer feels that the fashion industry in the West overlook a lot of fabrics from other cultures, which are of very good quality, but designers seem to favour a lot of industrially processed textiles, which still continue to impact on our environment.Products also available instore at the Fashion Meets Music pop-up store @ Westfield Stratford

Ethical Fashion Principles

Counteracting this trend, the designer felt it imperative to look into hand-woven fabrics made in disadvantaged societies which are ‘organic’ as they are woven by hand, using natural cotton and thus give them new uses other than what they are traditionally used for, by making them into modern and contemporary fashion products starting with bags designed for men and women. These turned out to be very popular and have encouraged the designer to take things another notch by designing outer garments for men using the same hand-woven fabrics that were ethically sourced from Persia and Africa. The aim is to help the craftsmen and women in these societies earn a fair living wage by using their fabrics to create new and interesting fashion accessories and clothing in a more modern context, while simultaneously helping to reduce the incidence of poverty in these various societies.

Products also available instore at the Fashion Meets Music pop-up store @ Westfield Stratford